bwinapp下载/MA member benefits are numerous and include the following:  

  • 提高商业实践.  Member firms benefit from the sharing of information and committee work on Human Resources, 金融, IT, 健康和安全, and general business practices.
  • Advocating Legislation and Policy.  bwinapp下载/MA is the voice of the engineering industry before state government and advocates for beneficial legislation and procurement policy.
  • Promoting Leadership and Professional Development.  通过领导力培训, networking and continuing education programs, individual members develop their business skills and forge strong personnel relationships. Member-only leadership training programs – from our long-standing Emerging Leaders Program to Odyssey Leadership and our new Genesis and  Everest programs provide learning opportunities for various levels within each organization.
  • 认识到卓越. Leadership positions in governing bwinapp下载, sponsorships of programs and the Engineering Excellence Awards recognize firms for their accomplishments.
  • 增加可见性. 一个强大的, vibrant bwinapp下载/MA ensures that the voice of he engineering industry is increasingly being heard in the State House, in corporate boardrooms and by the public.  成员 have the opportunity to participate in partnering efforts with state agencies and task forces/committees with fellow member firms.
  • 业务相关的好处. bwinapp下载/MA通过bwinapp下载 National, offers business-related benefits such as discounts for liability, 商业, 健康和其他保险, 退休计划, 网上继续教育, 行业调查, 合同文件等.
  • Relevant News and Information impacting our Industry. 成员获得bwinapp下载 /很重要, 每周enewsletter, 的见解, a quarterly in-depth electronic newsletter published by bwinapp下载/MA that contains articles of interest to the professional engineering community and The Last Word, a weekly newsletter from bwinapp下载 National.
  • bwinapp下载的联盟. bwinapp下载 National provides opportunities to share knowledge and best practices.  成员 may join these “communities of practice” on the basis of their discipline (such as structural, 机械和电气, 测量, land development or small business firm). Learn more about bwinapp下载 Coalitions and how to join them. 


完整的会员 is open to those firms providing professional engineering or land 测量 services, with a PE or PLS  registered or licensed professionally in accordance with the laws of the states of Massachusetts and who are in direct control or in responsible charge for the professional services that are performed in that state.  

附属会员 is for firms that provide professional services (other than engineering and land 测量) or non-professional services that complement the services of bwinapp下载 Full Member firms, 如保险, 财务和会计, 施工管理, 建设, scientific and technology support, 等. Affiliate member firms cannot vote, but may participate in all programs, sit on and chair committees and receive all materials

非居民身份 is offered to professional engineering or land 测量 firms that meet the qualifications of a 完整的会员, except that the firm does not maintain an office in Massachusetts for the practice of professional engineering or land 测量 services. The Non-Resident member firm must be a full member of bwinapp下载 National and a full member of their state Member Organization.  Employees of Non-Resident Member Firms can participate on committee and forums, but they do not have voting rights, and they are not eligible for service on the Board of Directors.

一位退休的成员 is a retired individual who was active in bwinapp下载/MA for at least five years and was a Principal of a Member Firm that has been ( or was) a Member Firm for at least ten years. The Member Firm must be a member of bwinapp下载/MA or have been a member of bwinapp下载/MA within one year of the applicant submitting his/her application for 退休成员hip status. A Retired Member cannot vote in association elections, but can participate in or chair a committee or forum, or may be appointed or nominated by bwinapp下载/MA to represent bwinapp下载/MA on certain public Boards or Commissions.


bwinapp下载's 受益信托项目 are designed to enhance your membership investment by helping to control your firm's costs. Programs are available for business insurance, 生活/health insurance, and retirement plans. The bwinapp下载 Benefit Trusts have created partnerships with reputable administrators and plan providers that offer valuable services with quality and competitive prices. In addition to providing business savings, these programs make for an attractive employee retention program in which individual employees benefit from your bwinapp下载 purchasing power.

For an engineering firm to take advantage of these business opportunities, 你必须成为会员事务所. bwinapp下载 membership is available through one of the 52 state and regional councils, called  成员组织马萨诸塞州,包括bwinapp下载 /.

bwinapp下载 members can achieve further savings through bwinapp下载's Discount Programs. 点击这里 for more information on these programs or contact

bwinapp下载 Business Insurance Trust (BIT)

The bwinapp下载 BIT has partnered with Greyling, a di愿景 of EPIC to customize an insurance program exclusively for bwinapp下载 Member Firms. Greyling’s vast experience providing customized insurance solutions to firms in the engineering industry means you can:

  • Save time and avoid the hassle of shopping around
  • Customize a package that’s the right fit for your business—not someone else’s
  • Keep costs down with expert claims and loss control services
  • Enjoy fast, friendly service from an award-winning team of insurance experts

Take a closer look today and find out how you can easily and conveniently get the coverage you need for your business.



成员 of the bwinapp下载退休信托 enjoy management costs that are significantly lower than other retirement plan options. The Trust has an excellent track record of low rates, expense ratios and management costs.

More about the bwinapp下载退休信托:​


40多年了, the bwinapp下载 Life/Health Insurance Trust has been dedicated to supporting the health, 牙科 and 生活 insurance needs of engineering firms.

bwinapp下载生命/健康的信任 oversees a program that provides 生活 and health insurance coverage for participating bwinapp下载 member firms. The program offers flexible benefits designed by 工程师 for 工程师. You’ll find the right plans for your whole firm in one place: health, 牙科, 愿景, 生活, 残疾, 和更多的. 与程序, you’re backed by the group purchasing power of more than 1,500家公司和65家,000名参与者.

More about the bwinapp下载生命/健康的信任:​


马bwinapp下载 /事件注册

bwinapp下载/MA members only pay the bwinapp下载/MA member rate for registration. 检查bwinapp下载 / MA 会员目录 to see if your firm is an bwinapp下载/MA member. If your firm is an bwinapp下载/MA member, you are a member.

重要的:必须使用该帐号, including the username and password, of the individual you wish to register.


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