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成立于1960年, the American Council of Engineering Companies of Massachusetts (bwinapp下载/MA) is a business association dedicated to assisting its members in achieving higher professional, 道德, business and economic standards to provide quality consulting engineering services for their clients that assure public health and safety.

bwinapp下载/MA members are the leading engineering firms in Massachusetts. Our member firms range in size from single employee entrepreneurs, to large locally-based firms and branch offices of national firms as well as the headquarters of national and international engineering firms; yet about one third of our members are small businesses with ten or fewer employees. 

bwinapp下载/MA is affiliated with the Washington, DC-based nationwide bwinapp下载, a federation of 52 member organizations, 超过5,000 member firms employing over  600,000人, which design more than $100 billion per year in capital projects.


bwinapp下载全国bwin下载app promote legislation and regulations to enhance the business of engineering; identify 行业 best practices; review business products and services that benefit Member Firms; and oversee bwinapp下载 programs.

bwinapp下载联盟 are communities of bwinapp下载 members organized by practice area or firm size, dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing a range of practical, day-to-day resources to enhance your business.

亚太经合组织理事会和bwin下载app give member firm employees with specific functional responsibilities the opportunity to network with their peers nationwide through workshops, 圆桌会议讨论, 教育会议, 时事通讯, 和其他活动.

bwinapp下载 is a federation of 52 State/Regional Organizations that provide many of the same opportunities for participation on the state and local level.

bwinapp下载 hosts more than 100 online Communities, including communities for Committee, Coalition and Forum/Council members. To join a community, first join the committee. Click here to view the list of bwinapp下载 national committees.


With the support of our member firms, bwinapp下载/MA works to protect and promote your business. bwinapp下载/MA's work with state leaders, legislators and with state agencies has led to the following recent victories.



  • bwinapp下载/MA 建筑 Engineering Committee (BEC) held recent meetings with the Designer Selection Board’s leadership to better understand their focus on firms’ proposals for designing state work and with the Chief of Inspections, 建筑 & Engineering of the Division of Professional Licensure’s Office of Public Safety and Inspections, to understand the focus of the agency and new construction control documents.
  • bwinapp下载/MA’s Transportation Agency Liaison Committee (TALC) partnering groups meet with MassDOT Highway, MBTA and Massport on a range of issues to help agencies streamline project delivery. TALC hosted key leaders from the agencies over the past few months discussing such issues as cost estimating, 发票问题, developing MBTA project scopes of work and quality assurance.
  • Our bwinapp下载/MA DCAMM Partnering Committee continues to meet with the Division of Capital Asset Maintenance and Management (DCAMM) Deputy Commissioners and key staff on contract issues and design specifications.
  • Recent client sector bwinapp下载/MA 成员简报 with key public agency leaders include bwinapp下载/MA’s Energy and Environmental Affairs Committee (EEAC) briefing with procurement leaders from the state’s Operational Services Division (OSD) and the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) to discuss the new statewide contract for engineering services 


  • bwinapp下载/MA continues to co-chair the Water Infrastructure Alliance, a broad-based group of business, 行业, government and 环境 organizations focused on the needs for more funding for water, sewer and stormwater management infrastructure. 
  • bwinapp下载/MA is advocating for House Bill 1813, An Act relative to public safety in excavation recently testified in support of water infrastructure funding at the late October hearing of Joint Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture.
  • We continue to advocate for changes to draft regulations proposed by the Board of Registration of Architects to prevent promulgation of regulations that would adversely impact A&E公司.
  • 通过TECET, The Engineering Center Education Trust, bwinapp下载/MA participates in meetings of the Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors, which voted in January to move forward the process for promulgating mandatory continuing education regulations.
  • bwinapp下载/MA continues to serve on the Massachusetts Climate Change Coalition, 哪个支持SB2196, An Act relative to Comprehensive Adaptation Management Plan (CAMP) language.  
  • bwinapp下载/MA continues to support or oppose Massachusetts Senate and House bills that affect our 行业.
  • bwinapp下载/MA leaders will meet with the Massachusetts Congressional delegation in Washington, DC, during bwinapp下载’s Annual Convention and Legislative Summit, advocating for infrastructure funding for transportation, 能源和水.


  • bwinapp下载/MA honored 35 outstanding engineering projects and several leaders at our 2018 Engineering Excellence and Awards Gala, hosted by co-emcees MBTA's Assistant GM Beth Larkin and Massport's Sam Sleiman. In addition, the bwinapp下载/MA 教育公司 awarded 2 scholarships to engineering students.
  • bwinapp下载/MA’s 2018 Emerging Leaders Program for firm employees with 8-15 years of experience sold out and is underway.
  • Sold out registration for both bwinapp下载/MA’s 2018 Genesis Program, a leadership education program for new professionals and our 2018 Emerging Leaders Program, which starts in late February 2018. 
  • We held a Transportation Update breakfast program with MassDOT Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver. We've held two Transportation Roundtables for Small Firms to discuss their challenges and concerns with state work.
  • Plans are underway for our State Markets Conference
  • Our popular Spring Effective Writing Program is already sold out.
  • 最近成员简报, open to all employees of bwinapp下载/MA Member Firms, included: 人力资源bwin下载app on Business Related Immigration Issues, IS激光雷达bwin下载app, Video, and Data Storage and an HR Forum on Landing Your Next Strategic Hire


bwinapp下载/MA has developed a 3-year strategic plan that outlines key goals for the upcoming years. The Plan is revisited on an annual basis and updated as appropriate.

Click Here to Download the bwinapp下载/MA 战略计划 FY2013 to 2016.


These are the current 规章制度 of bwinapp下载/MA: 



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